A fully integrated renewable energy solution

In life as with so many things it can get complicated. Our mission is to make life as simple as possible and not to over-complicate things. Our objective is to design and manufacture both simple but very effective off grid power solutions. Over time the propensity to use on grid power to satisfy the need for green energy has taken many roads, not all good ones.

Our philosophy is quite different, with the advent of new and the reemergence of long-forgotten technologies we now have the capacity to realistically have a truly off grid "micro grid " energy solution. Not everything "old" is outdated, many things invented at the beginning of the last century have relevance now in the twenty first, from a virtually indestructible battery technology (nickel iron - NiFe) with a 25 + year life span. To a long-forgotten but nonetheless wonderful poncelet undershot water wheel which can now be used for hydroelectric power generation.

With this in mind we can now design and build a truly world class micro off grid power solution encompassing these technologies along with modern wind and solar energy giving the best of all worlds. With enough power to supply small to medium sized communities, changing lives in even the remotest of areas. Nothing is set in stone, it really is NOT a “one size fits all” approach. We will only use appropriate technologies that will work in the real world and that can be realistically be maintained, with TRAINING, by the end user without the need for expensive return visits by the installers. We feel that our radical approach to renewable energy delivery will be of interest in remote communities in developed countries and developing areas of the world, bringing energy to places which hitherto had no access to electricity, with all its obvious benefits promoting business education and health care.

Having said all of the above there is little point in building systems so complicated that once installed they cannot be maintained quickly and easily. So to that end it is our intention to include training and on-going back up for all installations allowing local communities to repair and service our systems with as little assistance as possible avoiding the "dependency culture" which pervades most work done in the developing world. We feel that a prerequisite to any successful project is working WITH local communities and NOT forcing unwelcome ideas on them, ascertaining their real needs and then producing a product that really works for them in the long term rather than a short term sticking plaster, ‘feel good’ fix. In many cases cultural considerations have been treated as secondary. But over time we have found that in many areas of the world this is probably the most important issue taking precedence over almost any other.

With our international partners we are able to produce a fully integrated solution including renewable energy, housing, education and training ensuring successful seamless project outcomes. Many outlying villages have never had mains electricity and in all likelihood will never have it - costs and government priorities have a major influence on this. But working together we can CHANGE things for the better.


*Our current on-going projects include developing a fully off grid energy solutions for remote communities in the South Pacific and south east Asia along with sustainable housing solutions.*

Our services

- Full consultancy service including site feasibility studies
- Design and manufacture
- local manufacturing transfer where possible
- Remote security power systems
- Off grid wind
- Off grid solar
- Off grid micro hydro electric
- Battery energy storage
- Integrated control systems
- Remote systems and environmental monitoring
- Full systems integration
- Energy saving audits
- Procurement consultancy
- International development outreach programs
- Sustainable living including Eco dome housing technology for an integrated energy/ housing solution
- Training and long-term back up services
- Prototype design and testing bespoke customer specific products (including IP)


Low cost Eco Dome housing and a model of the proposed roof mounted hybrid power source


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